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Our turnkey technology package provides our advisors with access to SmartStation®, a leading-edge technology platform made available through First Clearing. SmartStation is designed around the evolving needs of the financial professional and provides advisors with an integrated, single-sign-on technology workstation that helps to increase productivity through efficiency.


SmartStation's intuitive features and integrated reporting are designed to simplify client management, giving advisors more time to focus on serving their clients. The platform allows advisors to:

  • Identify opportunities with alerts that can show movement of money or markets.
  • Generate custom proposals for clients or prospects.
  • Build call lists quickly with client and account information that passes seamlessly from application to application.
  • View and update detailed client and prospect profiles.
  • Stay in touch with clients via seamless mail merges.
  • Communicate with team members and manage schedules, tasks and appointments using an integrated calendar feature.
  • Automate common brokerage transactions, tasks and requests, such as IRA distributions and wire requests.
  • Generate and print a new account client package complete and ready for clients' signatures.


SmartStation supports the investment planning needs of advisors with guidance and services including Envision®. The Envision program is an ideal resource for financial professionals looking to expand their services, increase revenue and retain key client relationships by proactively creating a variety of long-term investment scenarios.

This innovative investment planning process helps advisors identify and prioritize their clients' financial and life goals. Combining goals-based guidance with a powerful statistical modeling technique, the Envision process creates an easy-to-understand plan that helps clients achieve their most important objectives.

SmartStation offers a wide range of calculators that can help clients manage life events and plan for the future.


SmartStation also provides access to research and market data such as:

  • Market news and updates.
  • Real-time quotes
  • Online research and investment strategy reports from some of the nation's most respected sources
  • In-depth information about products and services

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please send us an email.

SmartStation® and Envision® are registered service marks of Wells Fargo & Company and used under license.

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Helping advisors increase productivity through efficiency

SmartStation® combines intelligent applications with an intuitive, tab-driven design, SmartStation ® helps increase productivity by simplifying and streamlining daily activities. The workstation's full range of resources include:

  • Client Management
  • Investment Planning
  • Trading Tools
  • Research & Market Data
  • Compliance Tools