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At Investment Advisors Corp. (IAC), we are committed to helping our investment advisor representatives grow their business in a manner they believe will best help their clients. By providing a unique combination of freedom, flexibility, resources and support, our advisors are able to operate efficiently and focus on their business goals while better serving their clients.

Our advisors have discovered that we offer the products, services and technology of a leading investment firm, while providing customized advice and personalized service that only a small firm can offer. Here are a few of the ways we deliver value to our advisors:

Flexible Business Models
Our advisors have the freedom to decide whether they want to operate as an independent contractor, as an employee of IAC or within a bank, bank trust department, credit union, insurance agency, legal firm or accounting firm. We have the ability to support fee-only and dually-licensed advisors.

Competitive Payouts
With competitive payouts and no monthly administrative fees, we consistently look for ways to help improve the profitability of our advisors.

Access to Health Insurance
Our advisors who operate as independent contractors benefit from the opportunity to access affordable health insurance coverage for themselves, their families and their office personnel.

Industry-Leading Tools and Technology
Our advisors have access to industry-leading tools and technology and have the freedom to choose the technology package that is most appropriate for their business.

Personalized Service
Our Home Office team makes it a priority to know our advisors by name. Our experienced staff members have an open-door policy and are readily available to address questions and respond to the needs of our advisors and their clients.

Customized Solutions
We provide our advisors the ability to do business on a variety of platforms with various custodians. We offer several advisor-managed and third-party managed solutions.

Freedom to Choose Providers
With no requirements to sell proprietary products, our advisors are free to choose from a broad range of providers that offer the most appropriate products and services for their clients.

Experienced Compliance Support
Our experienced compliance team provides the resources and expertise to help our advisors stay on top of compliance requirements so they can focus on serving their clients. We make it our priority to answer compliance-related questions in a timely manner, and we provide expedited turnaround time for the approval of advertising, correspondence and seminars (generally 24 to 48 hours).

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James Young, Recruiting Director