Frequently Asked Questions

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What different business models are available to investment advisors who join Investment Advisors Corp. (IAC)?
Our investment advisors have the freedom to decide whether they want to operate as an independent contractor, as an employee of IAC or within a bank, bank trust department, credit union, insurance agency, legal firm or accounting firm. We have the ability to support fee-only and dually-licensed advisors.

Are your advisors allowed to use a DBA?
Yes. Our advisors can use our brand or a unique DBA of their choosing, with appropriate relationship disclosure.

Are your advisors able to office out of their home?
Yes. Our advisors have the flexibility to choose where their office is located.

What is the turnaround time for compliance review of advertising, correspondence and seminars?
Our experienced compliance team generally needs less than 48 hours.

How often are your advisors compensated?
Any compensation is currently paid on a semi-monthly basis.

What is the minimum account size for an advisory client?
Programs minimums are generally $25,000; however, minimums will vary depending on the program.

How do I learn more about IAC?
To learn more, please contact us via email or call (800) 352-5634.
We look forward to hearing from you.